Personal and Contact Information

Shi Dan-Qiu was born in Guiyang, China. He has a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Organic Chemical Engineering from Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing, China. He also holds the titles of Assistant Engineer of Chemical Technologies and Information Engineer of Science and Technologies.

When Dan-Qiu was a teenager, he was introduced to TCM by his Taijiquan master Gu Li-Sheng. When Gu treated his patients, he also taught Dan-Qiu how to feel the pulse of the patients. This was his first experience in TCM. Gu also dictated herbal prescriptions to Dan-Qiu and he helped Gu in preparing the herbs. Gu also instructed Dan-Qiu how to perform tuina massage. Dan-Qiu and Gu’s other pupils also practiced acupuncture on each other as part of their instruction. Dan-Qiu can provide you with alternative medical solutions based on TCM.

Dan-Qiu began his martial arts training when he was five years old and is a second generation Taijiquan disciple of Grand Master Yang Shao-Hou (Dan-Qiu started his Taijiquan training under the tutelage of Gu Li-Sheng in 1966). He received an additional three years of Taijiquan instruction from Master Zhang Zhuo-Xing. In addition to Taijiquan, Dan-Qiu has also specialized in Xingyiquan (via Li Tian-Ji) and Baguazhang (via Jiang Rong-Qiao). Not satisfied with what he has reached, Dan-Qiu started his study of Yiquan in 2002. He has received formal instruction from the Yiquan Masters Yao Cheng-Guang, Yao Cheng-Rong, Cui Rui-Bing, Bo Jia-Cong, and special lessons from Li Lin-Jing (Shi Jia Zhuang city). The Yiquan studies of Dan-Qiu are now under the tutelage of Yao Cheng-Rong. Dan-Qiu has also accumulated more than 20 years of experience in Qigong, the art of cultivating internal energy. Having dedicated himself to Chinese martial arts and Taijiquan for more than 60 years, Dan-Qiu has thoroughly mastered Taijiquan practically and theoritically. Dan-Qiu can help you not only improve your health condition with his Chinese martial arts and TCM, but also teach you the difficult skills such as pushing-hands (especially the Fa Jin) in a structural way and help you to reach the top level.

In 2014, The Nei Gong Center for Health and Wellness was created by Dan-Qiu. Its goal is to use both ancient and modern Chinese wisdom/knowledge, together with Western medical teachings and the Chinese Martial Arts to help individuals improve their health. Dan-Qiu’s native language is Chinese. He researches both the Classic texts and newest developments in TCM and Chinese Martial Arts coming from China. This allows Dan-Qiu to make the newest techniques and treatment methods available for use in the Netherlands. Dan-Qiu hopes to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of those who seek treatment and training at Nei Gong.

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